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Take a zip lock bag of ice and place in your bait bucket. Baaam! Oh sure they chill alright, right up to the point that you hook and toss em out to ol Davey Jones for supper.

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All donations go directly to Octagon through PayPal  with the link at left. Please consider all the volunteers and what we do to keep things running, while your donations help feed the animals. Thank you in advance for your support. Capt Joe Gaither

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Florida has more than 7,700 named lakes and ponds and over 10,000 miles of streams and rivers, all brimming with "bream." "Bream" is a local term throughout the southeast that includes a variety of deep-bodied panfish belonging to the sunfish family.

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  • Live Bait & Tackle in Punta Gorda
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Punta Gorda Fishing with Captain Joe (Shellback) Gaither

Florida Sand Flea "How To"

Welcome to Octagon Wildlife Sanctuary of Punta Gorda where circus animals retire to the good life. All of our guests at Octagon were rescued from unlicensed owners, closing zoos or seized from USDA or FWC. We do not sell, breed or reintroduce these creatures to the wild. All animals are retired in luxury and cared for by volunteers and helpful donations by YOU! Click the image below and find out how you can visit these well kept creatures.

Conveniently located at the Punta Gorda RV Resort shopping plaza 

Open Every Day

6:30am - 7:00pm 

Dakota & Larissa

We're gonna miss our outta town buddies who are going back home. They came here to visit and got to see Punta Gorda like a Gator Bite. Look forward to your visit later in the year.